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Little Gasparilla

Water Utility

Little Gasparilla Water Utility (LGWU) is a Public Utility. LGWU's certificated area is Little Gasparilla Island. We are regulated by the PSC (Public Service Commission) for all State Statutes and CCU (Charlotte County Utility) for all County Statutes. We are governed by the DEP ( Dept of Environmental Protection) to follow and apply all rules and regulations. LGWU is a Contiguous System , meaning LGWU purchases water from CCU.

LGWU installs new water mains and meters, replaces old or damaged meters, repairs leaks and breaks on installed water lines and reads meters quarterly for billing. 


​​​​​​Little Gasparilla Water Utility
P.O. Box 7  Placida, FL 33946
PH: 941/681-2778, Emergency: 941/626-8294
Email: lgwuoffice@gmail.com